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[08] Morgana/Sir Leon
[02] Morgana
[10] Arthur/Guinevere

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Okay, so as I've said before, I'm in an arsty mood. Therefore I'm taking requests. You want icons, a header, wallpapers? Just let me know.
  • If you only want icons, I'll try to make you about 5-10.
  • If you want headers or wallpapers I will need to know the size you'd like (800x600, 1200x800, etc.).
  • Any fandom/theme is fine. I have a good stock of Buffy, Angel, Dollhouse, Dr. Horrible, Firefly, Bones, Harry Potter, Supernatural, True Blood/Alexander Skarsgard, Veronica Mars, Merlin, Twilight and Smallville photos (as well as many other fandoms). If your request is a bit more obscure or you have a specific picture in mind to use, a link would be helpful.
  • This post will be open indefinitely, so feel free to make as many requests as you'd like until I decide to close it.  
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I'll be posting the graphic requests post in a bit, but I wanted to dump these really quick first. So, there is:

3 Bellatrix icons
2 Bellatrix Headers
5 Bellatrix Wallpapers 
Edit: 1200x800 wallpaper links
1  2  3  4  5  

Photobucket Photobucket

Bella and The Malfoys )
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Here are the team icons I'm submitting. Only six of them and I'm not totally thrilled with them, but whatever...

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
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 Okay, another icon post. Mostly because I found these textures made by [profile] spencer_t  and they are quite awesome.

So this time around we have:

[12] Alexander Skarsgard/True Blood
[6] Supernatural
[4] Merlin


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An actual icon post, what a surprise. I'm still getting used to my new graphics software, so bear with me.


(16) Merlin + (1) Header
(11) Gossip Girl
(2) Smallville
(1) Smallville/ Supernatural

The future king and queen invite you in... )
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[20] Twilight icons


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Teeny graphics post in celebration of the new Wolverine trailer. Caps from [livejournal.com profile] meivocis . Some textures by [livejournal.com profile] iconraven .

x Twilight icons
x X-men icons (Gambit only)
x Smallville header (Chloe/Davis)


remy.gif image by aresangel1  22copy2.jpg image by aresangel1  IconTextureCG29copy2.jpg image by aresangel1

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Chloe-centric icons and headers.

5: Chloe/Winchesters icons
5: Chloe/Winchesters headers/banners
2: Chloe/Lex icons
2: Chloe/Lex headers/banners

icon2.jpg image by aresangel1  polaroidburntex01_03icpn.jpg image by aresangel1  polaroidburntex01_06icon.jpg image by aresangel1
Such a girl scout. )
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Because I couldn't be more excited for this show.

2: Sookie icons
2:Sookie/Eric icons
3: Sookie headers/banners
2: Sookie/Eric headers



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Misc. Icons

[7] Olympics
[8] Bones
[7] The Dark Knight (Joker)
[4] Harley Quinn (Batman: The Animated Series)
[6] Catwoman (Julie Newmar)
[2] Legally Blonde: The Musical



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[1-12] The Dark Knight
[13-15] The Dark Knight (animated icons)
[16-18] 10 Things I Hate About You
[19-23] Heath Ledger
[24-30] Sabina Kelley (tattooed model)
[31-37] WWE (Ashley, Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, Lita)
[38-40] Ever After

[2] Dark Knight banners
[2] Sabina Kelley banners

Credit and comments are <3

Untitled-13333.jpg image by aresangel1 Untitled-19copy.jpg image by aresangel1 HeathLedger1.jpg image by aresangel1

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 1-11  The Dark Knight
 12 Heath Ledger
 13-14  Buffy the Vampire Slayer
 15-27  Batman (the TV series)
 2 Dark Knight/Joker Headers


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Just a teeny, tiny batch. Caps courtesy of [community profile] inadream_caps.


Picture372copy.jpg image by aresangel1  Untitled-13.jpg image by aresangel1  Untitled-1copy.jpg image by aresangel1

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{11} The Dark Knight
{4} Rose McGowan
{2} Dita Von Teese
{2} Wonder Woman (Lynda Carter)

{13} The Dark Knight
{2} Rose McGowan
{1} Dita Von Teese
{1} Supernatural
{1} Jared Padalecki


DK-FC-000085.jpg image by aresangel1  DK-FC-000727.jpg image by aresangel1  0001_by_ullaaa_at_ljcopy2.jpg image by aresangel1

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[1-17] Ugly Betty
[18-23] Smallville
[2] Smallville Banners
[2] Twilight Banners

Credit please. Comments are <3


212_194copy.jpg image by spikeysgrl18  217_070copy.jpg image by spikeysgrl18 3191334copy.jpg image by spikeysgrl18

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Just a tiny art post. Because I long to see a Smallville/Supernatural crossover.

3 icons
2 User Info banners
2 headers

Comments are love. Credit is appreciated.


1. 1SNicon.jpg image by spikeysgrl18 2. 1icon.jpg image by spikeysgrl18 3. 1chlam2icon.jpg image by spikeysgrl18


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Tiny batch of fanart. 
Pairings: Tosh/Owen, Jack/Ianto, Jack/John 
(3) icons
(6) Banners/Headers

Comments are love.
Credit is nice. 


iconographer_tsws_013copy.jpg image by spikeysgrl18  012.jpg image by spikeysgrl18

Icon Dump

Nov. 24th, 2007 11:29 pm
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 It's time for an multi-fandom icon dump :)

Credit is nice. Comments are love <3

01-11: Ugly Betty
12-15: Firefly
16-22: Smallville & SV/Supernatural X-over
23-27: Chuck
28-29: Bones
30-32: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Plus 7 headers/banners (BtVS, Firefly, SV)


NUP_110304_0604.jpg image by spikeysgrl18  normal_206_230.jpg image by spikeysgrl18  trash002copy.jpg image by spikeysgrl18

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001-010: Angel (text)
011-026: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
027: Chloe Sullivan/Sam Winchester (SV/SPN)




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