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I'll be posting the graphic requests post in a bit, but I wanted to dump these really quick first. So, there is:

3 Bellatrix icons
2 Bellatrix Headers
5 Bellatrix Wallpapers 
Edit: 1200x800 wallpaper links
1  2  3  4  5  

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Bella and The Malfoys )
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 Various Bellatrix Lestrange related headers and corresponding icons.

Comments and credit are <3


Picture1ecopy3.jpg picture by spikeysgrl18  Picture1fcopy2.jpg picture by spikeysgrl18  Picture11copy2.jpg picture by spikeysgrl18

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I realized I had a bunch of manips and stuff laying about that needed to be presented, so here you go.

Below the cut:

[3] Buffy icons
[8] Buffy Manips/Banners
[2] Smallville Banners
[1] Chlois Banner
[6] Harry Potter Banners (OOTP)

Feel free to make edits to the bases, it would be nice if you credited me too though :) Credit and comments are <3


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I loved OoTP so I made icons, mostly from promo pics and stills, nothing particularly spoilery for the movie. And in case you can't tell from the content inside the cut, Bellatrix is my favorite character ;)

Credit please.
Comments are lovely and very appreciated.


paper_1_1600x12009copy.jpg image by spikeysgrl18  harrypotterootp_007008.jpg image by spikeysgrl18  2902-Harry_Potter_and_the_Order_-1.jpg image by spikeysgrl18

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80 icons total:

[49] Grey's Anatomy
[24] Buffy the Vampire Slayer
[7] Animated (Grey's, Buffy, Harry Potter)- these are my first real animated icons so they need some work, I know ;) Bear with me.


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I got done earlier than I thought, you can thank the cold that I seem to have gotten. 

Icons for my entire flist are below, so come look, snag yours, and feel free to take others with the exception of the list below. If you want your icons to be non-sharable, just comment and I'll add you to the list.


[profile] kallie_kat, [personal profile] dragonydreams, [personal profile] emeraldswan, [personal profile] rua1412, and [personal profile] velvetwhip.


deathbyliz.jpg lunarknightz.jpg winchestercrazy.jpg


I hope you guys like :)


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