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So Dollhouse is cancelled.

I can't say I'm surprised. We were lucky to get a second season. To be honest the only thing I'll truly miss is seeing Olivia Williams on screen every week, because Adelle DeWitt was a badass. And Fran Kranz, I really grew to love him as well. Oh, and Enver. Truthfully, despite my love of all things Whedon, the thing I'll really miss most is the cast and not so much the show. 

But Eastwick was cancelled too and that makes me all kinds of sad. I really grew to enjoy that show. It wasn't great or anything, but it was fun. Plus Darren from A Very Potter Musical was in it and he was completely adorable. 

And yet somehow Smallville remains on the air? (I just love when the SV producers are asked about Sam Witwer and they go on and about how much they want him back and how they love him. Newsflash, after the way you destroyed the character of Davis Bloome, Sam Witwer does not love you.)
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This is my first foray into Dollhouse fic, so be kind ;)

From Quiet Reflection Will Come Action

Author: Jami ( [livejournal.com profile] spikeysgrl18 )

Character(s): Claire Saunders

Rating: PG

Summary: Five years were almost up.

Spoilers: for the entire first season of Dollhouse, especially the finale.

Disclaimer: I don’t own this show nor the characters from it. They all belong to Joss, who is infinitely more creative, wise, and undoubtedly wealthy than me.

Maybe she deserved her scars. )


Apr. 9th, 2009 12:40 pm
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So word is Fox isn't going to air episode 13 of Dollhouse. Not cool. Not cool at all. This is why Fox is so annoying. They air crappy comedies like that one with Brad Garrett for years but they don't really give a show with actual depth a chance.

Dollhouse is available for pre-order on dvd, so hopefully if they get a lot of orders Fox might renew the show.

All in all, Fox sucks. What else is new?  


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