Nov. 4th, 2009

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Honestly, not to be a drama queen, but right now I'm trying not to cry out of sheer anger and frustration.

My best friend, who lost her job in July, just got hired at Citibank doing wills and debt consolidation. Never mind that it is a position she is wholly unqualified for, as her only previous job experience has been a hostess at Marie Calendars, I actually am quite happy for her. She is in real need of the income.

But at the same time, I sit here having just filled out my third application in the past three days, jobless and without even a hint of an interview on the horizon. And she got the job without really putting any effort out. She filed for unemployment and Citibank found her resume (as shoddy as it is) through there and hired her. I can't go through unemployment. You know why? Because I was a full time student earning my degree, so I wasn't working. 

You know what she's been doing the past few years? Dropping out of college every couple semesters (she gets bored and stops going to class, she's on academic probation right now) and working like ten hours a week at a restaurant and bitching about it the whole time.  

I just...she does nothing and gets a job I can guarantee she has no clue how to do. I apply practically daily for jobs I could do in my sleep and hear nothing, for almost a year straight now. 

I really am resisting the urge to curl into a ball and wallow in depression for the foreseeable future.


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